Huang Xuan and Zhao Liying win “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” at the Hengdian Film & TV Festival

QQ: At the Hengdian Film and TV Festival, Huang Xuan and Zhao Liying win best actor and best actress


The third annual Hengdian Film & TV Festival was held in Hengdian on Oct. 30.
– Zhao Liying took home the award for “Best Actress” for her stunning performance in “The Mystic Nine”
– Huang Xuan took home “Best Actor” for his masterful performance in “The Imperial Doctress”
– Child actress Chen Yixi has soared to popularity recently and was awarded the title of “Future Female Star”


When Huang Xuan appeared on the red carpet, his hordes of fans started screaming loudly.
– He was extremely excited to win the award as he’d had few period dramas lately
– He’d stayed in Hengdian for a full 3.5 months when filming “The Imperial Doctress”
– Zhao Liying mentioned that she didn’t even know how many years she’d spent filming in Hengdian, and she was particularly happy to receive this award on this day because it was her last day filming for “Agent Princess”
– She actually had to go back to the film site after the awards to wrap up work


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+4,346] Yi baby truly has amazing acting skills amongst all the top young actresses! But she doesn’t really know how to spin pretty words and doesn’t media play. She’s also quite direct, so she has many haters and only talks through her works. To make it where she is today, it’s truly based on her hard work. She basically lives in Hengdian for the entire year. I truly admire her hard work and perseverance. She well deserves the title of best actress. She becomes whatever she performs and is very natural at it. However, Yi baby truly needs to learn how to speak better. Being too direct in a complex environment like the entertainment industry is a bad thing. I hope her future is even more splendid, her hard work has made her worthy of everything she has!

[+1,254] “Journey of the Flower” received the highest praise, but I’ve never watched it. I’ve only watched “Rookie Agent Rouge”, but regarding the acting skills… I can only laugh

[+1,231] I don’t believe that Huang Xuan has no particular background. He’s so ugly and has such crap acting skills, to call him a male pig would be an insult to the pig

[+1,033] I only saw bad dramas and didn’t see any acting skills. I feel like the awards lately have all been jokes and have just been decreasing in quality

[+878] Old tricks from the entertainment industry. Even “The Mystic Nine” can win awards. What the heck? When I read the comments, I really feel that I’m justified in hating Zhao Liying

[+851] I really like her. She’s not fake, doesn’t put on an act, is real and is a rare show of truly showing her emotions

[+745] Heroes come from unexpected places

[+690] What did she play in “The Mystic Nine”? Please, she had even less scenes than the maid

[+519] Zhao Liying’s acting skills are alright, not particularly amazing. “Rookie Agent Rouge” was tough to watch, bad acting

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  • Qiyue

    yay!~ Congratulations to precious Liying and everyone else!~ 😀