Sammo Hung to direct new film with Wilson Yip

QQ: Wilson Yip and Sammo Hung to direct new film, Louis Koo and Tony Jaa to have fight scenes


The directors and cast of “Hungry Wolves” (cpoplove translation, couldn’t identify an official English name) held a worship ritual in Bangkok on Oct. 29, kicking off filming (picture above).
– The movie uses the same cast as “Kill Zone 2”, with Louis Too and Tony Jaa as the two male leads
– Sammo Hung was invited to be the action director, with Chris Collins and Gordon Lam participating as well
– The movie will be shot over two months

The movie describes Louis Koo, a professional negotiator, fighting with his 16 year old daughter, and his daughter running away from home to Thailand and subsequently goes missing in the country.
– Louis Koo flies to Thailand to look for his daughter, and receives aid from Tony Jaa and Wu Ye, but run into human organ trafficker Chris Collins instead
– When asked if he minded his character having a 16 year old daughter, he said that, “I don’t mind, but if I have a 16 year old daughter in real life, I would mind if she has sexual relations too early with others)

Since the movie will have a lot of action scenes, the producers asked Wu Ye, someone who has been learning martial arts since he was five, to be one of the main characters.
– He expressed his honor at the invitation, and said that “I’m friends with Tony Jaa in the movie and have no chances to fight him. The majority of my scenes are with Chris Collins. I saw his scenes with other people and witnessed his super high jumps and swift movies. He’s really good!”
– He was also excited to be acting with his idol Louis Koo. Wu Ye has been a long time fan and immediately asked to take a picture when he saw Louis. He said that he would take a picture everyday with Louis

Chris Collins served in the marines for nine years, he said that he was learning a lot from Tony Jaa. “Filming something and truly fighting are entirely different. Now that I need to fight and act, the director says my moves are too fast sometimes, but Tony can accurately control the tempo of all his punches and can act with the rest of the actors as well. This is something I need to learn from him.”

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