Fan Bingbing and Li Chen share a very girly bed

QQ: Fan Bingbing shares pictures of her room, Li Chen sleeps on such a pink bed?


Netizens were quite surprised when Fan Bingbing shared pictures of her bed, revealing that it was a big, pink bed shared with her cats. Many found it hard to picture Li Chen sleeping on such a bed.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+5,316] I hate little animals running about on the bed, getting it full of fur and hair

[+3,680] Putting a celebrity on the headlines of our news websites, what a tragedy for the country

[+2,873] I watched one of Li Chen’s interviews last week and saw that he purposefully evaded the question when asked about Fan Bingbing, I think they broke up…

[+1,978] Fan Bingbing only knows how to media play. She has no acting skills and no good works, just knows how to put on a good show

[+1,799] What a cute princess room, it turns out that Master Fan is really cute! She should get married soon

[+1,668] I find the comments ridiculous. Some criticize her for showing off her bed, some say that she’s a prostitute. Did you see her doing that? Did she say this is their bed? All horse shit! Your hearts and mouths are dirty! There are so many things happening in this world, if you don’t like her, you don’t have to pay attention to her. But don’t insult her randomly since she has no grudge with you!

[+978] Her again? Media play every other day or trying to make herself more relevant. The heck

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  • Gabbar Singh

    Those are some cute curtains.

  • Nel

    i think i love everything single thing about her 🤔

  • L.A_21

    Cutie cats!