Shandong Juye People’s Court apologizes for supporting Ma Rong

QQ: The Shandong Juye People’s Court apologizes to Wang Baoqiang, Weibo administrator to be transferred


The Shandong Juye People’s Court posted a message in support of Ma Rong on their official Weibo on Oct. 29, saying the following:

With one paper statement, a judgment is made! This was how Wang Baoqiang swept the mother of his children out the door!

The official account posted another statement on Oct. 31, saying:

On October 29, 2016, our Weibo account posted inappropriate comments regarding the divorce matter of a notable actor, negatively impacting society. Our court expresses our sincere apologies in this matter, and welcomes everyone’s continued criticism!

The Weibo administrator was also marked up and transferred out of their position.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+16,572] Just a transfer? This person should’ve been fired

[+8,674] Whoever posted this Weibo seriously lacked a brain. Did they want to ride the wave of popularity and paid the price with themselves instead?

[+8,076] The public feels disgust whenever we hear the name Ma Rong. I don’t know if this name will be trashed for thousands of years, but I just feel sad for her family as she will be cursed at and her life ruined forever…

[+3,493] Legal responsibility should be sought… the person in question should go apologize…

[+3,462] Good! That’s the way to do it! Admit your wrongs timely and handle it! I thought they were going to say that they were hacked or something!

[+2,975] Why don’t you make public that person’s identity? As a legal employee, how can you talk randomly like this? Did they get hired in a place of law without any knowledge of the law at all?

[+2,803] Is it trash that Ma Rong hired again? Hurry and get rid of that thug you hired, otherwise who’s willing to go to the court on your behalf?

[+1,721] This administrator must love Ma Rong to do this for her. I recommend the two of you get together so you’ll have the chance to experience what Baoqiang experienced…

[+1,501] Shandong People’s Court, heh. They’re fighting this in Beijing, what the hell are you doing here?

[+1,169] How long did this person work at the court house? Are the cases he handled before alright? Firing him is the right move here

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