The Tao and Sun Yang couple from “Takes a Real Man 2” delights netizens

QQ: Fairy Tao puts on a great show with any couple he makes


“Takes a Real Man 2” has been broadcasting for two weeks, and the Tao and Sun Yang couple have been capturing audience hearts.

The first couple to delight was Tao and Jiang Jinfu in the first episode.
– Tao first tricked the naive Jiang Jinfu (’88) into thinking that the former was older than him, and Jiang Jinfu very seriously started calling Tao his older brother
– Tao kept it up for a few minutes more before revealing that he was a ’93 liner, and Jiang Jinfu’s face promptly collapsed as he recognized he’d been tricked
– However, he stepped in to rescue Tao when Tao collapsed from the push ups later on, saying that Tao was suffering from cramps

In the second episode however, audience attention was captured by Tao and Sun Yang.
– Since there is a 17cm difference between their heights, Tao always had to tilt his head far backwards whenever they lined up (gif above)
– The two got up to some shenanigans, which resulted in them being punished with push ups, and they managed to crash into each other during their punishment, causing netizens to howl with laughter


Tao’s official Weibo account once liked one of Sun Yang’s posts, and Tao has expressed online that Sun Yang was his favorite athlete.
– Fan captured pictures of them (above) that showed their close interactions in private, and in a preview of the next episode, Tao dialed Sun Yang as the person he most wanted to call
– Sun Yang’s first words to him were, “Were you punished today?”

Tao also grew close to the instructor that he had an acrimonious relationship with in the second episode, expressing his desire for the instructor to go with them to their next stop.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+106] What fairy? He’s a total badass!

[+77] He’s such a sissy, I saw picture of him without make up on the other day, I looked so much better than him! At least I don’t have to put on make up before going out the door

[+42] Why are we only talking about Tao, I like Jiang Jinfu so much! He also speaks very sincerely!

[+16] Tao’s alright, but he’s so rebellious and acts so foolishly sometimes. He’s really funny though

[+1] Are you sure he’s a sissy? I’ve watched his MVs and concerts and really don’t think he’s a sissy. His lyrics are really cool and show a lot of attitude as well 😎😎😎

[+1] Tao’s black circles…

“Fufu is so cute~”

“Why do I feel like Sun Yang is a big, silly teddy bear?”

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  • hizurisama

    Sun Yang is cool, too bad his personality is trash.

    • Nel

      Is he a diva or something?

      • hizurisama

        He has attitude problems, so I guess you could say he’s kind of a diva, I remember he was training in Australia and he and his team acted like they own the place, totally disrespect the local staff if I’m not mistaken.