Ang Lee mentally falls in love with all of his movie leads

QQ: Too involved! And Lee falls mentally in love with all his movie leads


The official Weibo of variety show “A Date with Luyu” posted a snippet from their interview with Ang Lee that raised a lot of attention.

I’ve given my best in this life to the actors/actresses, and I mentally fall in love with all the movie leads.

Netizens expressed that, “We feel proud to have such a director like Ang Lee.”

Ang Lee’s latest movie, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” is about to premiere soon, causing netizens to be curious about the stories around Ang Lee.
– He won the award for “Best Director” from the British Academy Film Awards on Oct. 29, making him the first Asian director to win such awards. This delighted many fans and netizens

His previous works with “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon” caused Zhang Ziyi to vault into the international spotlight after working with her, and the same story was repeated for Tang Wei in “Lust Caution” and newcomer Suraj Sharma in “the Life of Pi”.
– Ang Lee’s talent for selecting and cultivating his actors/actresses are renowned in the movie circles
– When he worked with Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson in “Sense and Sensibility”, even Prince William sighed with emotion that the cast had benefited hugely from working with Ang Lee
– He places himself wholeheartedly into every movie he films and falls mentally in love with each leading character, using all his adventurous spirit in movies

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