“Hello! Goddess” to host debut concert tonight

QQ: Goddess’ debut concert to air tonight, who will emerge as the five strongest?


Five debut spots are up for grabs as “Hello! Goddess” airs their debut concert tonight in Beijing.
– The nine ladies will compete in groups of three, displaying all of their talents to try to land of the five spots in the final debut combination
– They will debut as a new female idol group
– Hosts and judges Wang Sicong, Zhang Jie, Bigbig Zhang, and Liu Xing will be in attendance as well

The nine girls have undergone training for four months after emerging from the group selection.
– Zhang Jie and Liu Xing will be participating in group performances to heighten the concert
– The audience will hold the fates of the girls in their hands, with media taking part in the voting as well
– After the first round of performances, media members will select the worst performing member and she will be eliminated from the chance of competing for the five spots
– Real time popularity rankings of the girls will determine who makes it into the final five


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+43] You tell me how Qiao Renliang died (cpoplove note: I have no idea what’s going on here)

[+29] Goddesses? More like a harem…

[+10] They’ve all had plastic surgery and all look the same. Wang Sicong’s taste is just that!

[+6] Aren’t they all the same person?

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  • Gabbar Singh

    [+43] You tell me how Qiao Renliang died
    ……. what…… the….. hell…….

  • Karina

    [+43] You tell me how Qiao Renliang died (cpoplove note: I have no idea what’s going on here)

    im not sure either. but i do know that this was the last show kimi appeared in before he died.