“The Voice” China’s Zhao Dage releases first EP “20th”

QQ: The sweetest ear worm! Zhao Dage’s “Missing You” is super warm


20 year old Zhao Dage stunned audiences in “China’s The Voice” with her Euro sound.
– She released her first EP “20th” on Nov. 1, and uses the unique soul of a 20 year old with 20 times the strength of music to sound a call towards 20 years old

The EP represents an important period in Zhao Dage’s life.
– She had already stepped onto the stage of “China’s The Voice” when she was 19 years old, forever changing her life and filling it with challenge and new experiences
– “I’ve changed a lot in this year, and I hope to express all of them through music. To myself and my fans, this album is a wonderful present. 20 years old is a brand new start for me and I will display more and more things as I add to my knowledge”

The first track to released from the album, “Missing You”, highlights Zhao Dage’s American style of singing.
– A lighthearted and fast pace with large amounts of American and European pop fully releases Zhao Dage’s musical energy
– This is the sweetest song in the entire EP, and expresses the wonders of missing someone
– However, Zhao Dage lacked relationship experience and had to spend a lot of effort in truly expressing the emotions needed within the lyrics
– “The song really worms its way into your mind. I think it expresses a lot of people’s feelings, and I couldn’t stop once I started listening to it!”

She also said that “in this album, there are some alternative and some experimental songs… you will see many more of me stepping out of my comfort zone with this album.”

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