Cnetz read to Barbie Hsu’s bare face

QQ: Barbie Hsu shows a rare picture sans makeup, while skin is truly beautiful


Barbie Hsu posted a rare bare face picture on Weibo on Nov. 5, saying “I’ve got better pictures.”
– She previously posted saying, “I really want to act! I know my visuals aren’t enough blah blah… I’m a mother, but I’m willing to present the most natural me and act out the most real and natural stories. I can’t wait to show off the bare faced me for my dreams! I think being bare faced is a actress’ best side.”

She also interacted with fans in comments, when some asked, “Why are you still posting on Weibo so late at night? Do you not have a sex life?”
– She responded, “So naughty!”
– Some also asked, “What’s up with the goddess’ neck?”

Cnetz react below: 

[+2,717] This is a true bare face, no makeup and no photo effects. Her skin is so good, she looks like she’s twenty

[+1,551] Not bad, that’s really good for being 40 years old

[+1,180] This kind bare face is really good. To think that how old Dee Hsu is as well! Can you guys have such good skin at their ages?

[+791] She’s always been quite pretty with a unique sort of beauty, and she looks a lot better than many celebrities

[+525] No soul in her eyes, but her skin is really good

[+384] Really amazing. She’s had two kids and is almost 40 with such great skin

[+351] If she’s gotten nothing done to her skin, then her skin is really good. I’m so jealous

[+313] Bare face and selfie. Most female celebrities that call themselves goddesses wouldn’t dare upload it to Weibo. Love Barbie Hsu

[+276] I’d be very satisfied to have her kind of skin at her age

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      omg i remember I loved Shancai so much I wished I could punch Ming Si’s face for being mean to her lol