Hwang Chi-Yeul to be departing from “Dad, Where are We Going 4”

QQ: Hwang Chi-Yeul departing from the Show? Jacky Heung spotted with the child


China’s “Dad, Where are We Going 4” is currently filming in Yunnan, with netizens revealing in the latest pictures that Hwang Chi-Yeul is nowhere to be found, and the child he was taking care of was giving to Jacky Heung.
– It said that because of difficulties with communication and the Korean ban that has caused intern dad Hwang Chi-Yeul to depart from the show

On Nov. 4, the official Weibo for the show wrote that Hwang Chi-Yeul’s internship period had ended and he had to depart for now.

During his internship, daddy Hwang kept memorizing the dictionary and tried very hard to learn Chinese in order to better understand his son. He used smiles and hugs to close their distance and hoped that his son would have a better understanding of him. Father and son for a month means a lifetime of fond longing. Every call of dad to son, every reliance of son to dad will become their warmest memories.”

In August 2016, a report of a supposed ban on Korean artists spread throughout the entertainment industry, but it has still yet to be officially confirmed.

However, it’s not the first time that Hwang Chi-Yeul seems to have suffered from its effects.
– When he participated in “Challenger Alliance” in August, his scenes were almost all cut out and only his back and profile could be seen.
– This was attributed to the Korean ban at that time


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,041] Hunan TV, enough! You got him to participate for the ratings, and tried to get a kid from somewhere because he doesn’t have one. Intern dad? The hell

[+1,489] Why is Jacky Heung the one taking over? If it’s said he isn’t being a good dad, than his son will appear as well

[+1,189] I feel really bad for the child. He’s such a mature little guy! He doesn’t get that many scenes either

[+782] Why are we switching out dads? Hwang Chi-Yeul is great! He’s very patient towards the child and very warm. Not to mention time is needed for something like this, they’ve already gone through a long period to understand each other and get to know each other. Suddenly changing is bad for the child. I hope the new person is patient and kind. If not, I wish Hunan TV wouldn’t swap out Hwang Chi-Yeul

[+405] Finding someone in the mafia to take care of a child? Is there no one else we can find?

[+313] Well done! I support the Korean ban!

[+139] I told you this was all an act. Who changes dads every two or three days? Is this right?

[+127] The hell. The child has just gotten used to a foreign “dad” and here comes a strange new “dad”

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  • L.A_21

    Why Hwang Chi-Yeol is on show first of all? He’s not married and doesn’t have a child either. I thought the show is like ‘Superman Returns’ where the Dad take care of his kid(s) 24/7?.

    Either way, I think he is departing because of China rule of eliminating the appearance of Korean celebrities in their country.

  • June Chua

    Too bad ! Hwang Chi Yeul hv to depart from Dad,Where Are We Going 4 !
    I thot he did a gd job being a intern dad! 👍