JJ Lin composes TFBOYS Roy Wang’s solo single “Grown Up”

QQ: JJ Lin composes single for TFBOYS Roy Wang


“Roy” Wang Yuan of the TFBOYS’ new single “Grown Up” hit the charts today, his second single after “Because I Met You”.
– His team specifically invited JJ Lin to be the composer and producer, and noted Taiwanese lyricist Wang Yajun to form a perfect combination

The song uses a metallic singing style to push the rhythm forward, and the lyrics describe the challenges a young boy has in facing the world after growing up.
– The song details the importance of making his own choice and charging forward with all his strength, expressing his desire to change, mature, and become a better person
– The song is very patently JJ, and Wang Yuan tried rapping for the first time

It’s said that the three TFBOYS will be collaborating with three music heavyweights in the near future to release three different styles of song.
– Wang Yuan’s “Grown Up” is the first song from this plan, and Wang Yuan will perform it on his birthday on Nov. 8 as well

Lyric version of Roy Wang’s new song.

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