Lay’s new album “Lose Control” sets impressive records

QQ: Lay’s new album sets the records for Chinese music


In the week since Lay’s solo album “Lose Control” has been released, his album has ranked hotly and has broken all sorts of records.
– He’s achieved many new records for a Chinese album
– In the first 24 hours, he achieved a global ranking of 16 in iTunes, and continued to set new records for number of days a Chinese artist was on the charts
– His preorders have surpassed 200,000 copies before a physical album has even been released. This has caused a lack of supplies and the fact that not all preorders will be able to be fulfilled on the first day
– His sales of 50,000 copies on the first day have also broken records for solo artists in Korea
– He broke the record for highest number of sales for a solo album on the first weekend, and had sold more than 125,000 in seven days
– There are still many orders waiting to be fulfilled

“Lose control” was the first time Lay was a producer, and he was in charge of writing the lyrics, composing, and mixing all the songs.
– The Chinese words in his six songs just so happen to form a sentence of, “What do you need when the world loses control because of music? I really, really miss you tonight, let’s relax.”
– This indicates the level of thought that Lay has put forth in his album
– He has continued to hold the top positions for all music charts in China
– He’s also ranked as #29 in American album rankings in iTunes, and #7 in pop rankings
– He holds first in the Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Hong Kong charts

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