SWIN-S drops MV for debut song “New World”

Sohu: SWIN-S “New World” MV is here, the boys display their superpowers


Ever since SWIN-S’ “New World” EP has been released, it’s vaulted into the top three, if not taken the championship of many music rankings.
– Their momentum is unstoppable, and their teasers for the schoolyard and divine versions of “New World” have only further whetted appetites
– The schoolyard version dropped on nov. 2, and the boys display their magical superpowers within it as well
– It’s said that the MV was filmed outside of China with a budget of millions

In the MV, the real world combines with another dimension as in the world of magic, the boys are:

  • Liu Ye – Knight of Storm
  • Zhao Pinlin – Angel of the Ocean
  • Yu Gengyin – Emissary of the Stars
  • Cai Xukun – Snow Elf
  • He Yifan – Son of the Sun
  • Wu Muti – Prince of the Sky

They represent the six mysterious powers of nature, storm, sea, star, snow, sun, and sky, which also happen to be the manifestations of wisdom, positivity, responsibility, confidence, drive, and courage.
– They arrived in this world with great power and landed in the schoolyard to show off their powers at school
– Not only did they display their dancing skills, but so did they greatly display their magic powers as well

The dance version of the MV is also about to hit soon.

SWIN-S’ “New World” MV

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