Zheng Kai feeds a sock to Wang Ning for new competitive comedy variety

QQ: This is a show with taste, Zheng Kai feeds a sock to Wang Ning


Zheng Kai feeding a sock to announcer Wang Ning.

Zhejiang TV’s competitive comedy variety “Comedy General Mobilization” aired its semi finals of its third stage tonight.
– An original comedy show, the show is hosted by two team captains Guo Degang and Wu Xiubo
– The show is divided into three stages, with four comedy actors separately teaming up with four celebrities to put on three performances in each stage
– The audience votes for their favorite in each stage, sending one team to the semi finals

The votes were hotly contested and all of the groups in the third stage put on their best performances to try to become the audience favorite.
– Song Xiaobao showed up in a tutu with Yuan Shanshan, and Zheng Kai fed his socks to announcer Wang Ning

Ace duo Song Xiaobao and Yuan Shanshan were the audience favorites in the first two performances, but the close votes made the team decide to pull out the big guns to truly cement the place as first.
– The Chopstick Brothers put in a surprise performance at the end of the show and led the entire cast into a group performance of “Old Boys”


Song Xiaobao in a tutu for his performance with Yuan Shanshan.

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