Chinese idol girl group 666 takes a sweet themed photoshoot

QQ: 666 shows off the charms of uniforms, to debut soon with their addictive song


Chinese idol girl group and recent hot topic of discussion 666 took a sweetly uniformed themed photoshoot recently.
– Their bright yellow colors were a perfect match with the group’s youthful energy
– Their navy uniforms and white shirts fully showed off the girl’s bodies as well


The girl group will be releasing their debut song on Nov. 15.


The group is made of Ni Xiaoyao, Yang Shangxuan, Yang Yi, Luo Jiajia, Wang Yuchun, and Jin Zhuoran.


The group was formed in 2015, with the girls undergoing significant training and bootcamp in the days since formation until their debut.


Their training period was broadcast as well, resulting in the group having a significant fan base even before debut.


After 300 days of grueling training, the girls will finally be taking their spots in front of the screen on Nov. 15.


It’s said that although the song has yet to debut, critics have already given it wide praise and the girls have already been invited to many year end performances.

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  • Nel

    why call your group 666 😩

  • That name though… They could have chosen anything else but they went with 666? I’m going to assume that it doesn’t have the same meaning in Chinese culture so it seems perfectly fine to them.

    • cpoplove

      Haha it’s actually a very auspicious number in Chinese, meaning everything will be smooth and go your way. So I’m assuming their goal here was for this group’s rise to be smooth and without obstacles. But I agree with the comments..

      • Oh thanks for telling me! I figured it had to have some other meaning for them to use it ^_^