Elvis Han points to “Wu Xin” as the work that defined his life

Sina: Benefits for fans! Elvis Han to continue to show off his abs in “Wu Xin 2”

Elvis Han shyly confirmed that he will continue to show off his abs in “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer”, and revealed that his character will undergo some personality changes in the second season.
– “The changes are tied into the first drama. The story of the second drama takes place in the 30s, and Wu Xin becomes more outgoing, positive, and his emotions undergo rich changes as well.”


QQ: Elvis Han says Wu Xin is his life’s representative work, says it made him who he is


Elvis Han was recently interviewed by Tencent for his role as the male lead in “Wu Xin 2”, and the interviewer discovered that Elvis Han in real life is a positive, sunshiny big boy.
– He brought the first trailer with him to the interview and said that he was quite nervous, as it was the first time he was viewing the completed work as well
– Although his success in Wu Xin has skyrocketed him to popularity and brought him other roles, to Elvis Han, Wu Xin is always a special role in his heart
– “You can say that Wu Xin made him who I am”

What is the greatest change in this character from Wu Xin 1 to Wu Xin 2?

“Wu Xin’s character in the second drama is actually the same as the first. There’s more twists in the plot and his relationships with those around him, as well as some of his enemies.”

“In the second drama, the drama’s plot line has become richer and more complex, and there will be a more comedic focus as well. In the first drama, Wu Xin slept after Due Ya left. Everyone knows that Wu Xin falls into a deep sleep once every one hundred years. It’s been about 90 years since his first sleep, and this time’s story takes place in 1937. Everyone can postulate that he’s only been awake for twenty some years, and so his personality will be a bit a bit more lively.”

Although the second drama is also a period drama, it’s set in the 30s. Did you feel differently about filming this time?

“The first thing was that the style was different. Of course, Wu Xin’s hair style didn’t change, but his clothes are a bit more retro. He wears boots, long pants, and village shirts apart from long sleeved shirts. There’s a few more changes. The time period is also likewise a bit more heavy, because 1937 is the year in which Shanghai fell, so the colors are a bit darker. We didn’t want the entire tempo to become too tragic though, so we still acted with a comedic air.”

What does the role of Wu Xin mean to you?

“To me, whether we have a third or fourth expansion of the drama, or even movies, they’re all very, very important to me. It’s my defining work. Wu Xin made me who I am, so I’m very thankful that the company gave me this chance for me to act those role, and am very grateful for all that Wu Xin has brought to me.

Any new plans lately?

“I’ve continued to be in talks for dramas and movies, as well as reality shows. I’ve already held the press event for the reality show, and it might air starting the 12th.”

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