Na Ying and Liu Wen take a highly charged photoshoot

QQ: Na Ying and Liu Wen take a photoshoot, the aura between a goddess and a supermodel was incredible!

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Na Ying and Liu Wen undertook a photoshoot for a magazine lately, and the two of them displayed an incredible aura.


[+1,250] Liu Wen’s aura is so strong that she eclipses Na Ying. A supermodel alright! 👍👍👍

[+952] The first one is of an eagle spreading its wings, the second is one of the eagle landing on the ground, and only the third is one of a supermodel

[+274] Na Ying’s feet were photoshopped too much in the second photo…

[+252] A supermodel alright! Liu Wen looks so nice even in such simple clothing!

[+215] My goddess’ feet…

[+78] Na Ying looks like an eagle

[+44] I don’t like Na Ying! She says that other people’s songs are folk songs and don’t sound good. This old woman is a goddess? I’ve never heard her sing!

[+25] So anyone can be called a goddess now?

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  • L.A_21

    The outfit looks off to me but they still manage to pull it off, I guess that’s the model talent + Liu Wen legs is so long.

  • hizurisama

    Wen is such a goddess, It’s a wishful thinking but I still hope my wonwen ship would be true tbh