Pets Tseng and Vicky Cheng overcome their fear of heights for “Stand By Me”

ET Today: Pushing and pulling Vicky Cheng on the 13th floor, Pets was so scared that she lost feeling in her legs


Taiwanese drama “Stand By Me”, set to begin airing this Saturday, features cast Pets Tseng, Hans Chung, Ian Chen, and Amber Chen regarding an enthusiastic amateur photographer somehow making it into an ace TV producer’s team.

Pets Tseng had a scene with Vicky Cheng in which the two were fighting on the roof of a 13 story building. Due to winds being particularly strong that day, they almost lost their balances many times.
– The staff had prepared an air cushion on the ground inc are of emergency, and they were still very nervous
– Pets mentioned, “It was still very frightening even with safety ropes strapped to us!”
– Pets also had a scene of her landing on top of Hans Chung, but he mentioned that there was nothing romantic about it at all as “we filmed it so many times that I wanted to puke!”
– This scene was of enthusiastic, warm hearted Pets Tseng accidentally bumping into the hot actress of the nation, Vicky Chung, wanting to jump off the building
– She tried to stop Vicky, but actually ended up going over the side along with Hans Chung

The wind was incredibly strong and none of the actors and actresses could hear each other, but they still had to continue through the scene.
– They all told each other not to look down, but Hans’ character had to take a peek out to ensure that the air cushion was in place
– He said, “I was terrified but had to keep on acting. Honestly, I was weak in the knees.”

Vicky Chung often acts out tragic scenes such as jumping off buildings, into water, or off cliffs.
– She said with resignation, “I’m used to it, but it was still the first time I was doing so off such a high height!”
– She was so vested into her character that Pets couldn’t help but break character once to grab onto her, screaming “I was really afraid that you were going to fall over!”

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