SpeXial’s Wes breaks ankle filming “High 5 Basketball”, Simon to head off to army

Yahoo News: Simon takes leave of absence from school, Wes breaks ankle and halts work for three months


SpeXial’s Simon announced on Nov. 4th that he had taken a leave of absence from his master’s at the National Taiwan University of the Arts and was about to enlist in the army, whereas leader Wes was practicing a move for “High 5 Basketball”, landed poorly on a mat and thoroughly broke his right ankle.
– He underwent surgery on the 5th and the doctor said that he couldn’t put any weight on it for three months

When Wes was undergoing anesthesia, the doctor asked him what his profession was. He answered, “I’m an actor and filming ‘High 5 Basketball’ right now.”
– The doctor asked, “When is it going to be broadcasted?”
– He didn’t finish responding, “Every Saturday at 8:30pm…” before falling asleep
– When he woke up a few hours later, he only remembered that he had yet to tell the doctor when the drama was being aired
– Other SpeXial members laughed that he was much too professional

Simon made it into the master’s program of the National Taiwan University of the Arts as the valedictorian, but was revealed that he’d taken a leave of absence on Nov. 4.
– His management company expressed that he’d been often caught between school, work, and his army duties
– He’d always planned on fulfilling his enlistment and so decided to take a break from school
– Rumors floated in October that the other members were bullying him, and he’d written on his Facebook then that, “There may be many suggestions or opinions around you when you make a decision, but it’s actually not that complicated. Just calm down and listen to your own heart. You’ll receive an answer quickly.”

Ever optimistic Wes posted on Facebook letting fans know that his right ankle had been injured and he had to take a long break.
– His cast mate Lyan Cheng laughed that, “It’s the silver lining that you can rest well. Collect yourself and enrich your life! Fighting~”
– Wes joked back that, “I’d wanted to chase you, but I should think about how I should get back on my feet first!”


Yahoo News: Wes once caused Simon to cry, but now feels very reassured when he’s nearby

Fans were quite confused a while ago when Wes suddenly halted all drama, promotion, and variety activities.
– He posted on Facebook on Nov. 7, “Hi, long time no see. I had to undergo surgery a while ago because my right ankle was injured and now I’m trying my best to recover. I need three more months before I can set foot on the ground, so Wes unfortunately has to take a long vacation from everyone. I will be halting all work until my foot is as before.”

Simon visited Wes on the 7th as well, emphasizing that Wes was fine and wanted everyone not to worry.
– He shared his friendship with Wes on Facebook, “I’ve slowly understood the good parts of him since we’ve started filming together. To be honest, I used to be really afraid of him.”
– When Simon joined SpeXial three years ago, the group went to South Korea to practice dancing
– Simon cried silently when Wes was particularly harsh and critical, and passed his tears off as sweat from practice
– “I now feel reassured whenever he’s nearby, and he’s my best partner these days when filming! Get well soon, we need to go play basketball!”

“High 5 Basketball” is still being filmed, with a critical game yet to be filmed.
– The production team expressed that most of Wes’ scenes have finished, and the rest of the takes can be discussed with the director
– Wes will still return to finish his scenes, and the crew is proactively discussing with his doctor to see what moves can and cannot be made
– Given this development, it’s uncertain when the drama will finish filming

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