Cnetz speculate that Zhao Liying has gotten plastic surgery

QQ: What’s going on? Zhao Liying’s bun face has turned into a pointy face


Zhao Liying early in her career.


Her appearance for an event on Nov. 11.

Pictures of Zhao Liying’s face earlier in her career have recently been contrasted to her latest appearance for an event, with cnetz speculating whether or not she’s undergone plastic surgery.


[+6,755] Please don’t get plastic surgery and just stay the way you were in the beginning. That was perfect, and I’ll always support you

[+4,818] She either got plastic surgery or these photos were photoshopped because she has a round face. Regardless, she still looks cute

[+3,059] It’s obvious that she didn’t lose weight but that she got plastic surgery! Why don’t we ever see ordinary people make their faces go pointy after losing weight, but this always happens to celebrities? They all lost weight huh?

[+2,546] It doesn’t look like her at all

[+1,282] So pretty! This makeup is really done well! You’re getting better and better!

[+757] She’s cute to begin with, don’t do anything to yourself for the goal of getting a pointy chin!

[+588] No matter what, you’ve made headlines again, turning our attentions from someone cheating to whether or not you got plastic surgery

[+516] A round face looks best. “Everyone looks the same.” All of you with the same pointy chin is so ugly

[+356] It’s really obvious that she either got shots, or these pictures were photoshopped. Her jaw muscles are larger and it’s not something that will disappear when she loses weight. She’s always been one with a bigger face and super skinny body. It’s normal for celebrities to get shots in their face.

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  • Nel

    tired of all those plastic surgery accusations 🙄

  • silvermaoh

    she lost a lot of weight for Princess Agents, she is slowly gaining it back

  • Qiyue

    I feel like she just lost a lot of weight. Love you Liying! Hope you are getting enough rest <3