Hawick Lau accused of having an affair with costar Angel Wang

QQ: Production crew clarifies Hawick Lau and Angel Wang’s innocence, says recording was post processed


Hawick Lau (Yang Mi’s husband) was accused of having an affair with his costar Angel Wang a few days ago when media source “We Are Paparazzi” posted a video of the two of them entering a room together, with no one else entering.
– It was said that the two of them spent the night together in that room, but Hawick Lau later clarified that they were discussing the script
– The production crew also said that the media source’s video had been post processed and edited, that it wasn’t the full picture of what had happened
– “We Are Paparazzi” had no comment when reached out for their response

It was said that Hawick Lau and Angel Wang spent three nights in one room, spending anywhere between two hours to four hours together.
– Hawick Lau immediately issued a statement denying this, and Yang Mi also expressed her support for her husband
– In the face of online skepticism, the production crew also stood out to say that the video had been manipulated, and that shots of other crew members entering Angel Wang’s room had all been edited out, leaving only Hawick Lau’s scenes


A Weibo account allegedly belonging to a crew member also posted (above), and the second half reads:

Why does the video only show me coming out of Angel’s room and not when I entered it? Why are none of the other cast or production team members shown? The team is trying our best to create a good production everyday. Please respect our work and keep this dirty water away from us.”


Cnetz react below:

[+4,854] You’re the production crew and so of course you need to white wash this. Having a scandal like this about your male and female lead break out before your drama is even aired, who’s going to watch it then? Do you take us audience members as idiots?

[+2,978] There’s no way you can come back from this, it’s only making things more and more disgusting… I’m more worried about Yang Mi

[+2,191] Enough, the video wasn’t fake. You want to pull the wool over our eyes and fool the public? Editors know how to make up a story alright

[+1,292] It’s impossible to put the feeling of Hawick Lau cautiously leaving the room, right?

[+1,190] The person filming this is a low life, he can definitely do things like randomly editing the film!

[+360] They’ve already spoken very clearly, it wasn’t only Hawick Lau and Angel Wang in the room, but that their scenes were cut and specifically spliced together. As for why the lights were off, he could of course insert scenes from night, do you guys not have brains? Stop hating randomly


QQ: Angel Wang appears in public for the first time after allegations of being a mistress. She wasn’t affected at all as she had smiles on her face


Angel Wang appeared for a cosmetic ambassador event. She left soon after interacting with fans for 10 minutes.


Cnetz comment below:

[+10,681] If it wasn’t for her scandal with Hawick Lau, I really wouldn’t know who Angel Wang is

[+6,610] Is there any point to this media play? This woman is setting up Harwick Lau and dragging Yang Mi into her mess. Hurry and blacklist her!!

[+6,293] Shameless, I’m in awe of you!

[+5,253] It’s a scandal for Hawick Lau, but promotion for her since no one knew of her before

[+3,532] One word. Ugly. Two words. Very Ugly. Three words. Truly very ugly.

[+2,344] I feel that Yang Mi is better. Although I don’t like her much either, the main thing is that there haven’t been any scandals since and Harwick got together

[+2,090] My personal opinion is that Yang Mi is prettier and more charming than her

[+1,549] Mimi is smart, pretty, and kind. The Wang girl is full of schemes. Whether it’s the production crew media playing this time or not, I feel that Wang is a shameless girl

[+1,351] Look at you people helping her make headlines! Ai! She’s so happy! She got popular for no reason whatsoever! She’s making the headlines everyday, you’re helping her earn money!

[+1,128] She’s so much prettier than Yang Mi. I’ve always felt that her acting skills are super good and I was confused why she wasn’t popular yet! Now she’ll finally get popular thanks to this scandal with Harwick!


QQ: Angel Wang responds to affairs accusation for the first time, she hasn’t intervened in anyone’s marriage and she’s never been married either

[+4,407] I laugh. Ma Rong also says that she never cheated and was raped. Believe in her? I don’t think so

[+3,034] Of courses she’d never admit it. The guy hasn’t, why would she be so stupid as to lose her job and ruin her reputation in the entertainment industry

[+2,169] What’s wrong with everyone? You’re making her out as if she’s a mistress when she hasn’t, just to watch a good show. Don’t you know how vicious cyber bullying is? A bunch of brainless idiots making things up out of nowhere, as if wanting someone to cheat and then blame them. How is your own life? Stop being so high and mighty. Don’t come to conclusions if you don’t know the truth. Rumors stop with those who are wise.

[+1,108] The caveat for Harwick Lau not cheating: he’s only a third bit actor without Yang Mi. He wouldn’t be able to find such a level of mistress if he lost Yang Mi! Angel Wang has already gotten popular off of “Nirvana in Fire”, there’s no point in targeting someone already married like Harwick Lau and wrecking her reputation over it!

[+1,336] I bet you that Harwick Lau and Yang Mi don’t have a marriage certificate! They might’ve already divorced, and so the two of them are having a legitimate relationship. However, Yang Mi hasn’t announced anything so he can’t say anything either. My personal opinions

[+1,034] She says that she didn’t intervene in someone else’s marriage, and so the only conclusion we can draw from that is: Harwick Lau and Yang Mi have gotten divorced

[+454] If this is media play for the drama, does anyone want to boycott it like me?

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  • Nel

    i was watching a luhan x yang mi interview in which she said she didn’t mind her husband making out for work, because it’s just work, the day this blew up 😬 I’m gonna hope this is just a malicious attack and not reality because she doesn’t deserve this