Zhang Ziyi spends a sweet day with Wang Feng on Single’s Day

QQ: Zhang Ziyi’s Nov. 11 was spent sweetly with Wang Feng


November 11 is also known as Single’s Day in Asia due to the numerous ones indicative of someone being alone.

Zhang Ziyi posted a series of pictures on her Weibo of her strolling the streets with hubby Wang Feng on Nov. 11.
– Her caption read, “What I need on double 11 is to walk together like this…”


Cnetz comment below:

[+3,356] She seems very happy after marrying Wang Feng, and is becoming prettier and prettier

[+2,789] I’m liking Zhang Ziyi more and more, I hope they’re always happy

[+2,576] I suddenly really like Wang Feng! But I really dislike Na Yang

[+2,299] They really look happy together! Zhang Ziyi has become prettier after marriage, and she can’t hide the happiness on her face!

[+1,955] What’s wrong with Zhang Ziyi being with Wang Feng? Who can guarantee that there will be results whenever they enter into a relationship? She has skills and her man only needs to love her. Stop this talk of who isn’t worthy of who. It’s none of our business as long as they feel they’re a good match.

[+856] The worst guy would become good after meeting a woman with so much money

[+371] If you love your wife, you’ll give her the entire umbrella like he does! You can see much from the details!

[+423] Wang feng must have saved the entire universe in his past life to take an international star as his wife! I hope they’re happy forever and will always be good.

[+365] How much stress was she under to fall in love with Wang Feng?

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