Zheng Shuang rumored to replace Angelababy on China’s “Running Man”

ETToday: Zheng Shuang to replace Baby on “Running Man”, fans are both expectant and afraid


Since Angelababy announced her pregnancy earlier this year, her departure from “Running Man” season 5 is all but confirmed.
– Many rumors have surfaced of the one who will replace her, and the latest name to be floated is Zheng Shuang, still riding the crest of popularity from “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”

It’s been said that the production crew would like to select a popular female celebrity as Angelababy’s temporary replacement.
– Zheng Shuang is often a hot keyword in online searches and thus has become a very strong contender
– However, fans are both skeptical and hopeful of this kind of rumor

Although the straightforward and daring Zheng Shuang will bring a fresh look for the show, her severe waist injury is an open issue and thus fans feel that the show may be too risky for her.

Other names being floated as replacements are f(x)’s Victoria and SNH48’s Ju Jingyi.
– However, Zhejiang TV station has lately expressed that “all talk regarding the cast is still rumors. Please wait for our official announcement”

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  • hizurisama

    It won’t be her if her waist injury is true, I’m hoping for someone funny though.

  • If her waist injury is as bad as they say it is then it would be a smart career move for her to avoid the casting. No point in having a member who is afraid or unable to participate fully. That would cause unnecessary drama.

  • Xiaoshu

    I really wish Zhang Tian Ai will join the cast. She is both funny and powerful.