Chinese and Taiwanese netizens react to the US Presidential Election

PTT reflect Taiwanese netizens, QQ reflects Chinese netizens. Articles are mostly sourced from the day of the election

PTT: Any speculation about the election today? (This thread was posted earlier in the day before results started being announced)

The US Presidential Election is today~~~

Who do you think will be elected?

Is it Trump or Hillary? Who’s going to be the president?

“Or aliens will announce that America has conquered the Earth.”

“It looks like we lose either way, they’re both quite bad.”

“Canadian immigration is going to explode.”

“But I somehow think this will be like the Bush and Gore election…”

“This is a test of American intelligence”

“It depends on which has the stronger vice presidential candidate.”

“First Gentleman Bill Clinton.”

“Trump’s going to win.”

“Trump’s speeches were a bit lackluster in the end, he’s should’ve come across stronger.”

“We know the results already thanks to the polls.”

“I’ll give everyone a preview first, Hillary won!”



PTT: What is Hillary doing right now? (This was when results were being announced early in the night)

“Telling Melanie that her chin is falling off.”

“Hitting her husband.”

“Eating dinner, duh!!”



PTT: American election results are being announced (As states were being called and results rolling in)

“Trump’s supporters are going crazy.”

“The ones being announced now are all states supporting Trump.”

“Taiwanese independence is done for! Trump supports Taiwan becoming part of China.”

“I foresee a proposal to make this election null and void.”

“Emperor Trump~ Emperor Trump~ Emperor Trump~ Emperor Trump~”

“I can’t believe the situation is stuck in Georgia, Trump’s done for this time!”

“Those who can get any votes apart from the candidates from the two major parties are also quite strong.”

“Johnson got a lot of votes this time, because the candidates from both parties suck.”

“Trump supporters are so nervous.”

“The winds of reality are changing.”

“Go Trump!”

“Trump is killing it in Florida!”

“Taiwan’s going to be sold… I see no hope. China will be happy!”

“Florida’s only announced the more rural counties thus far, there’s plenty more to keep an eye on.”

“Taiwan’s international standing has always been up for sale, the key thing is how much we can be sold for.”

“It looks like Trump is leading everywhere, my pants are going to fall off from shock.”

“The monster that’s going to destroy the world is here!”

“So many people support Trump on the East Coast, are Hillary’s supporters all on the West Coast?”

“The Northwest should all be Hillary’s votes, CA’s going to be a huge win for her.”

“I wasn’t surprised by Texas since it seems like they hate Mexicans, but Hillary’s going to be T_T before long…”

“I can’t believe the future of America is held in these two people’s hands. If Trump wins, all nations should be nervous.”



PTT: Trump asks supporters to stop harassing minorities (Reaction to news article the day after the election)

“He’s completely swapped brains with Hillary.”

“I’m really not used to Trump being this normal.”

“He’s completely changed since being elected, so kind all of a sudden?”

“Ai, we’ve been brainwashed by CNN. The ones protesting and making a mess now are all Hillary’s supporters.”

“Because what’s going to happen next… is that Trump will do things himself.”

“We should worry if he’s still talking like he was pre-election, alright?”

“F*ck, you’re the one who encouraged all this! You set the fires!”

“You upstairs, why so agitated? Hillary should also make a stand, or has she already?”



QQ: General page about the US election (running for a few months before the election)

[+325] Good going Trump!

[+309] If Hillary gets elected, she will become the first female president in American history, creating miracles and making history. The Bush family left the legacy of father and son being president, and Hillary’s goal is even greater, that is to make both husband and wife having been president, and herself as the first female president. That’s her ultimate goal. She doesn’t have much skills to be honest, she’d just be a puppet president after election

[+269] No matter who becomes president, the quality of America’s highest leader is common knowledge

[+40] No matter who becomes president, they all serve the people

[+9] Hillary is not bad, she knows what the people wants. Trump has too much confidence

[+5] No matter who is president, the policy of enmity towards China will never change



QQ: American media views Trump’s last call, shows anxiety, fear of loss, and panic (the day before the election)

[+68] I support Trump. He speaks his mind and isn’t fake like those political figures

[+48] Trump for president!

[+45] Trump’s chance of winning is too low, Hillary’s background is too strong! She can force down even the FBI!

[+38] Go Trump!!!! Fighting!!! We believe in you!!



QQ: Everyone tunes in the election, the nation is in an uproar (the night of the election as results are being announced)

“America’s lucky number is 270, China’s is 884.”

“What’s the point of supporting the American election? How does whoever’s president affect you? Just do your own job well.”

“I support Hillary. A word in chaos needs Hillary.”

“If Hillary is president, their Congress will always be against China, so I don’t support her. Trump win! Go Trump, defeat Hillary!”

“The Chinese people support Hillary.”

“Hillary for the win!”

“No one can predict who will be good for China.”

“The USA doesn’t have a real president anymore! Puppets. All sorts of organizations are using the country’s machines for their own benefit. The Senate and House are just representatives of all sorts of financial organizations.”

“I have been reading the stars and see that Hillary becomes the next president. Big mouth Trump is only good for business, Hillary is much more steady.”

“Of course Trump wins! Those who say Hillary is normal and not evil, do you watch the news? Or are you willfully staying blind?”

“I support Hillary, become the first female president when you’re 70!”

“I feel that Trump has no culture, and they need a normal and not evil president. For the happiness and safety of the people, peace and health of society, I support Hillary! Hillary has more culture and better thoughts, so I hope Hillary wins!”

“God save America.”

“America’s new president will affect the safety of the entire world. As a Chinese citizen, I support Trump. Trump will focus on the economy, Hillary may start a new war.”

“An ambitious women will always have lots of men manipulating her behind her!”

“These are the two worst candidates in American history.”

“They’re both equally bad, and we’re in for a good show no matter who’s elected.”

“No matter who becomes president, they will not be friendly towards China.”

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  • It’s interesting to see how invested other countries seem to be in our elections.

    • Nel

      Well, it’ll have an impact on the rest of the world, so it only makes sense. I almost feel like the rest of the world deserves to vote for US presidential elections as well 😂

      • Maybe they should be able to lol. We affect them in so many ways. I guess the only downside is that they could push their own agenda with a larger population. Oh and they probably didn’t care about decisions that would affect up stateside as opposed to global and diplomatic decisions.