Cecilia Cheung is confident that all men will fall in love with her after a day

QQ: Cecilia Cheung says she’s very popular, all men falls in love with her after a day


Cecilia Cheung recently appeared in a dating show and shared her thoughts regarding what kind of person she’d like to be in a relationship with.
– She has no particular love for hot guys and also felt very confident that all the male guests on the show will fall in love with her after a day
– “Don’t give me any hot guys, so boring. I really dislike muscular men and can’t abide them at all.”
– Cecilia is also quite a queen when it comes to love

When it comes to her ideal type, Cecilia immediately turned into a small princess.
– “He has to be older than me, so I can be a princess.”


Cnetz comment below:

[+5,900] Cecilia is really popular, but I don’t know about men falling in love with you after a day

[+1,569] Pretending to be all that, Nicholes Tse still didn’t fall in love with you after all those years

[+1,107] Such confidence, no wonder no one can resist her after a day!

[+1,069] Some women’s intelligence levels are really lacking…

[+1,052] I can’t help but think of a teacher…

[+1,042] I threw so many rotten eggs after your sordid pictures were leaked, such a bad influence…

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  • Nel

    I think of those pics every time i see her smh

  • L.A_21