Gaile Lok VS Lynn Hung in the same picture, who wins?

QQ: Two former male god’s wives in the same picture, who wins?


Lynn Hung and Gaile Lok appeared at the same event on Nov. 18. Both of them wore little black dresses and showed off their sexy sides.


Cnetz comment below:

[+11,202] Gaile Lok looks like one of the old women in my village

[+8,801] Gaile Lok isn’t pretty, she’s so dark skinned. Lynn Hung is the prettier one. She’s tall and fair skinned, the eyes of the people are bright!

[+5,087] I don’t understand why Gaile Lok is a model, is she a plus size model?

[+3,914] Gaile was so dismissive of Lynn Hung before and found excuses to avoid taking pictures with her. She always thought she was all that. how things have changed. Look at you now. They’ve already found their happy ending and you’re still a model

[+2,061] Gaile Lok is so ugly. One of them is dark and one of them is fair

[+1,200] I didn’t think Gaile Lok was pretty before, and I think she’s even less pretty now

[+1,188] I can’t believe this of Leon Lai! And so much money was taken from him as well, I feel really bad for him

[+1,050] Why do we say that Lynn Hung was the former wife of a king celebrity? They didn’t get married, Gaile Lok was the one who was?

[+650] Lynn Hung is so perfect, just perfect! Gaile Lok is easy on the eyes and is full of charisma!

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