Ma Rong steps into the public eye for the first time since scandal

QQ: Ma Rong reveals herself for the first time since cheating, takes son and daughter shopping



Cnetz comment below:

[+24,456] Let me tell you why everyone’s reacting differently to Lin Dan and Ma Rong. It’s not because Lin Dan is a guy, but because he is king in his arena and not a parasite. He doesn’t need to depend on his wife’s halo. This isn’t the case for Ma Rong when she leaves Baoqiang. This is the reason why people are treating the two differently

[+23,714] She’s just taking her two children out. The internet is such a violent place. So she cheated, how can we be certain Wang Baoqiang is a just person? Who in the entertainment industry hasn’t had a past? Is there a need to force Ma Rong into a corner like this? I hate brainless haters, everyone think about what you’re doing!

[+9,140] Heh heh, nothing happened to her the first and second time she left the house, so she thinks she can do so in the future and that no one will beat her 👿👿👿👿

[+9,072] Everyone forgives the man for cheating, but spits on the woman when she does. Sigh…

[+8,382] Ma Rong has gone missing for so long and she’s finally revealed herself! Now you know how tough life can get? How does it feel that ten thousand people are spitting on you? Hahaha, you deserve what you get! There’s plenty more to come!

[+6,277] All women are pitiable. Everyone condemns the women for the marriage and family, saying everything is her fault. Is there no fault assigned to the man?

[+3,560] Wang’s goal has been reached. I wonder what he thinks after seeing this scene? The kids are with a mom that can’t bear to show herself. Wang’s methods were quite successful.

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