New theme live on cpoplove

Hello everyone,

After two months of running cpoplove, I’ve learned a bit of what’s useful and what’s not as useful on the site. I bit the bullet and got a premium theme that, to me, looks a lot more cleaner and useful. Do you all agree?

Please let me know if you have any comments on what would be useful/not to have on the site!

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  • It’s an ok theme although I find it a bit more difficult to navigate when I’m on my phone. I was repeatedly clicking on links not realizing that if I scrolled down they would open up. It’s probably because of the “Spotlight On” section. Like if I click on the recent article about Wu Yi Fan and Tiffany Tang the first thing I would see is the “Spotlight On” which made me think that the page had just reloaded back to the home screen when in fact the article had actually loaded below that section.

    • cpoplove

      Oh good point, I’ve changed it so it’s only on the front page, thanks for the feedback!

      • No problem! Keep up the good work 😃

  • thisco

    It looks a bit plain like the font and font size. Too minimalist-ish. Idk. Also, there’s a bit of a problem with the search engine when you click for the next page, the results refer back to content in the home page.

    • cpoplove

      Oh man, I’ll definitely fix the older posts issue, thank you!

  • goodiddly

    This is much easier to navigate with on my phone now! I like it. Also just wanted to say thank you for your translations. I feel like there aren’t many sites translating cnet comments about Chinese entertainment news! I’m more of a silent reader but just wanted to voice my appreciation 🙏🏻🙏🏻