[Updated] “I am not Madame Bovary” sets impressive records on opening day

QQ: “I am not Madame Bovary” sells RMB 70 million on opening day, haters have resulted in eye-catching results


As of 11 pm on Nov. 18, “I am not Madame Bovary” took in RMB 70.45 million on its opening day, making it the king of box office sales that day as well as percentage of seats filled.
– It was 62% of all box office sales in the country that day, becoming the best performing locally produced film in November
– Compared to previous Novembers, this film also broke previously set records and thoroughly set November on fire

The film’s rating was also rated at 7.8 by critics, and 8.1 by audience.
– Online film website Douban also gave the local film a rarely seen 7.3
– The film has also won international acclaim already, receiving Toronto Film Festival’s Fipresci Prize for “Best Film”, San Sebastian Film Festival’s “Best Film” and “Best Actress” awards
– It has also been nominated for five awards in Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards


Cnetz react below: 

[+5,584] I wouldn’t watch it if you gifted me the tickets, there was too much media play for this. Disgusting

[+2,967] All my friends who have gone to watch it have said it’s not that good though

[+2,737] Horrible film. Fan Bingbing has no acting skills. If it were Liu Yifei or Hu Ge, I would know it’s a good film without even going to watch it

[+2,486] Why can’t I like Fan Bingbing though?

[+2,442] I watched it last night, it’s a work brimming with content and sincerity. It’s not like the idol dramas now that only know how to joke around. After watching it, my friends and I continued discussing this tragedy, and how it’s reflected everywhere in reality. Fan Bingbing’s acting skills were so good that we forgot it was her, but felt that this was a little country wife that was stubborn, a bit opinionated, and a bit lost. In conclusion, it was a movie that was greatly thought provoking. Perhaps the younger generation won’t quite understand and only want to be entertained. If that’s the case, then you need to increase your knowledge!

[+1,626] I think marketing for this film could’ve been done much better. It seemed quite ordinary. If it wasn’t for the cast, box office sales wouldn’t have been like this at all

[+1,657] A film’s reputation should speak for itself and not through media play. Given the levels of media play before this aired, I’m sorry, I’m going to wait for the high quality pirated version

[+1,119] Someone’s watching this lousy film? They have way too much money

[+860] Regardless of the hate for this film, I watched it and it was quite well done. It was a realistic record of politics and quite worth a watch. It’s very useful for us ordinary folk.

This film was really done well and reflected reality. How many people in China each year pay out their youth and energy in order to advance themselves? How many from farming villages have paid out dozens of years on this path? Shouldn’t the government pay attention to this?

[+640] Such is society. If a film isn’t popular, then it’s media played everyday. Those who will watch it naturally will, those who won’t, well, they won’t. Everyone’s interests are different, is there a need to media play like this?

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Yahoo News: Fan Bingbing gains 7.5kg for “I am Not Madame Bovary”
Fan Bingbing gained 7.5kg and appeared in an ugly fashion before the cameras for the film.
– She once worried that, “If I mess this movie up, it would be a huge failure for the director.” and was incredibly nervous
– The director comforted her saying, “If you can pull off this character well, it will be a great surprise for the audience.”