Rumors abound of a Chinese “acting scorecard” to be implemented next year

Sohu: Speculation on the new actor/actress scorecard

Since the “Korean Artist Ban”, it’s rumored that the Central Broadcasting Agency will institute an actor/actress scorecard next year.
– The leading cast members will need to reach a certain score before the work is allowed to be broadcast on province level television channels (these are the larger TV channels that host the most popular shows coming out to China)
– The numbers of their previously received Golden Eagle (excellence in television), Flying Apsaras (TV drama), Hundred Flowers (film, equivalent to Golden Globes) awards will also be the other main consideration in filling out the scorecard
– The public is speculating that this is official action to knock down the rise of the young fresh meat and visual idols with no acting skills

Netizens are pointing to the poor performance of “L.O.R.D.” as one of the primary reasons why this scorecard is being put into place.
– Despite the impressive cast lineup, the actual product underwhelmed and received a lukewarm audience reception
– Many of the top 50 dramas in 2016 were also filled with idols and many think that these dramas are just to fulfill fan fantasies


Kwongwah: New orders from the Central Broadcasting Agency, making an example of young fresh meat

Professionals within the entertainment industry view the scorecard as a way to suppress the popular idols with only visuals and no acting skills.
– A commonly referred to example is Ouyang Nana’s “Yes! Mr. Fashion” in which netizens attacked as “stupid and idiotic lack of acting skills”

In addition to the scoring principles, it’s also said that more weight will be given to dramas that have subject matter relating to the revolution.
– This will form 70% of all dramas broadcast, and the currently popular fantasy, alternate history dramas will be restricted
– It’s said that these items are to cap skyrocketing actor/actress compensation, domination of fantasy films, etc.

There has yet to be an official statement issued about this matter

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