Aaron Yan says Phoenix Cheng is behind the times in her lack of support for LGBT

Yahoo News: She’s against LGBT revisions to the law, Aaron Yan sighs that Phoenix Cheng is behind the times


The Taiwanese legislative yuan is taking a motion on the LGBT marriage equality laws in recent days, resulting in many protests and counter protests on this matter.

Actress Phoenix Cheng once posted publicly regarding her views against LGBT marriage, and once again posted on her personal Facebook on Nov. 19, feeling that LGBT individuals and heterosexual individuals should not utilize the same laws.
– “You marry the people I want and I marry the people I want, isn’t it a good thing that we have our own laws? Can we all have our own regulations? …fight for your own restrooms as well in the future, alright?”
– This resulted in a lot of backlash as she further expressed, “I’m against you guys constantly wanting to change us! Otherwise who cares who you want to marry!”

Phoenix Cheng didn’t answer calls yesterday and her public Facebook group has been closed.
– Her manager expressed that Phoenix Cheng had expressed her personal views on her personal Facebook, and that the company had no right to intervene
– “She also edited the inappropriate words on her personal Facebook in the future. If anyone is Facebook friends with her and disagrees with her, you’re welcome to communicate with her”
– It’s said that she deleted the word “restroom” in her revision

Aaron Yan celebrated his 31st birthday on Nov. 19, and recently used the word “we” in his Facebook posts to express his support.
– When the equal marriage proposals were blocked from deliberation on the 17th, he was enraged and said that the “traditional family parties” were beyond saving.
– When he heard about Phoenix Cheng’s comments, he said with resignation, “I feel quite regretful, it’s already 2017” — indicating that Phoenix’s thoughts were behind the times

There’s been quite an uproar over marriage rights, and he expressed that “sexual orientation is a natural matter. To be homosexually oriented means they are unable to naturally have children. When old age visits, only your partner is left to take care of you, helping you shower, feed you medicine, and clean up your waste. We should be supporting the legislation on basis of this alone.”
– He was unafraid of repercussions for his words, saying “I believe the world won’t be too cruel to someone who speaks the truth.”

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