Dee Hsu, Jolin Tsai, Angela Zhang, and Elva Hsiao to sing in support of LGBT

Yahoo News: Singing for love with Jolin Tsai and Elva Hsiao, Dee Hsu says that no one is better than her


Dee Hsu is well beloved by the LGBT community due to her shocking and daring style, and she’s supported the community many times with actual action.
– She spent NTD 160,000 on the “Love is King” concert in August to transform herself into a queen (above), and became matchmaker with her long time business partner Kevin Tsai to help LGBT members propose to each other
– When asked about the greatly anticipated “marriage equality” legislation, she spoke from the identity of a wife, “There’s actually nothing good about getting married, but get married if you’d like, no one can control you!”

She will be attending a concert in honor of love on Dec. 28 in Beijing, performing on the same stage as Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, and Angela Zhang.
– When asked about her song list, she laughed, “I only have five songs and only those ones to choose from. I’ll pick three of them to sing.”
– The host for the concert happens to be her old flame Mickey Huang. She isn’t afraid of things being awkward, “That’s good! He really knows how to host and won’t have awkward silences when he interviews me. We have a lot to chat about and I’m quite relaxed.”


When asked if she was nervous about being on the same stage as professional singers, she wasn’t the least bit afraid.
– “Competing with other queens? That’s not my style at all because no one beats me in my opinion. I’m the best in my universe.”

It’s been two years since she released her “Elephant Dee” EP, and she has new thoughts for a new album next year.
– Mickey Huang will be releasing an album next year as well, and she said humbly, “He’s a music talent! He listens fully to every album and rates them, what pointers can I give him? He must have a lot of his own thoughts.”

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