Lin Dan speaks after scandal, says has loved Xie Xingfang since 14

QQ: Lin Dan doesn’t defend himself, says has loved only Xie Xingfang since he was 14

Lin Dan immediately apologized on social media after his cheating scandal broke and apologized to his family, saying that his actions have hurt his family.

According to the paparazzi, Lin Dan has gone on multiple dates with a strange woman since mid September.
– She held his arm when crossing the street and Lin Dan sent the girl home after they’d finished eating dinner
– When he took her back, he spent two hours upstairs in her apartment before returning home
– His wife was pregnant at that time

The same person revealed that Lin Dan was participating in a national badminton competition in Guangzhou in October and staying at a five star hotel.
– Xie Xingfang hadn’t seemed to accompany him due to her pregnancy, and the same woman appeared once more
– The two interacted intimately and she was part of the audience in the next day

Lin Dan realized the great repercussions of his actions on society and responded on social media the next day.
– “As a man, I do not defend myself. But my actions have harmed my family and so I apologize to my family.”
– His coach also expressed his resignation and said that, “We only learned of this from the news like everyone else.”
– Lin Dan seems to have requested vacation after the Olympics, and this vacation will continue until January 2017

Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang were the golden couple of the Chinese badminton team.
– According to Lin Dan, he’d liked Xie Xingfang since he was 14
– He once said that, “Ah Fang was playing doubles then and had a head full of short hair. We were watching and kept exclaiming, ‘Wow, her legs are so long and she’s so tall!'”
– Their relationship was revealed after Lin Dan won the male singles in 2008
– At the end of 2008, Xie Xingfang said in an interview after that, ‘I’m willing to become a woman who cooks for Lin Dan after 2008.”
– Xie Xingfang then retired at the end of 2009
– They were married on Dec. 13, 2010

Since his scandal broke, several of his CFs were affected.
– Two have already been cancelled, and others such as Yonex, Montblanc, D&G are still deliberating


Cnetz comment below:

[+2,283] Typically speaking… sex comes from love, but love doesn’t necessarily come from sex. A man doesn’t cheat because of a new love, but because of new urges. I don’t think it’s that likely that he doesn’t love his wife anymore

[+1,687] A woman needs peace and quiet and can’t cry the month after giving birth. I cried a few times after I gave birth because I missed my parents and my eyes now become blurry sometimes. I feel so bad for Fangfang! She must be beside herself! Lin Dan isn’t human!

[+1,612] Even if he is forgiven, there will be doubts in the future, there is no way they will be able to go back to the past

[+1,316] To cheat with a man when his wife is pregnant, how cruel is this to the wife and child! I hope Zhao Yaqi enjoys the same treatment when she’s pregnant and about to give birth

[+1,030] Cheating is unethical to begin with, and to cheat when the mother of your child is pregnant! How dare you speak of bodily urges? If you can’t resist your urges, then don’t get your wife pregnant! You can’t be satisfied all the time. Besides, can your wife be pregnant for 10 years straight? Having your wife pregnant on one side and cheating on the other, scum!


QQ: Zhao Yaqi says that she is a victim as well, Lin Dan lost control after drinking


After Lin Dan posted his apology to his family, Xie Xingfang expressed that “the family supports this responsible man who sees the error of his ways”.

A Weibo count claiming themselves to be Zhao Yaqi’s studio posted saying, “Regretfully, things aren’t as you see. Lin Dan and Yaqi are just friends. Lin Dan lost control after drinking and Yaqi is also a victim. Audience members who don’t understand the truth should stop harming Yaqi.”

The account also said that, “There is no such thing as a mistress in this world and no such thing as cheating. Only two people wanting to love at the wrong timing.”


Cnetz comment below:

[+8,960] Zhao Yaqi you’re the victim? Lin Dan lost control after drinking? Why didn’t you call the cops when he pinched your butt? Why did you accept it when he hugged you?

[+7,868] The couple themselves aren’t giving you a chance to media play and you’re going on and on about it now. If you keep going on, then the crowd will throw eggs at you soon

[+5,079] I laughed when I saw this explanation

[+4,176] So he lost control and got on a plane from Beijing to Guangzhou, opening a hotel room?

[+3,412] One word, scum. Two words, low scum. Three words, low down scum!

[+2,624] Victim? They already went to the hotel and is still a victim? Did Lin Dan drag you to the hotel? A mistress is a mistress, any explanation is useless

[+1,243] Is this person treating all of us as idiots? To voice such ridiculous words?

[+1,050] Hugging and putting your arms around each other on the streets is losing control after drinking? Finding excuses for your own scandal! But since your wife has forgiven you, we have no basis to say anything! However, if it were up to me, I would’ve never forgiven him

[+913] Brother Lin it’s time to claim temporary insanity, what are you waiting for?

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