Netizens say that Angel Wang and Lin Dan once taking a picture together is fate

QQ: Angel Wang and Lin Dan once took a picture together at an event, netizens wonder if this was fate?


Cnetz comment below:

[+6,654] These days, why are mistresses and cheating men so high profile?

[+4,023] They definitely have a chat group that’s filled with people who are cheating. I guess that’s the main subject?

[+3,266] I really dislike them using others to better their station in life

[+2,476] Shameless, disgusting! This is more gross than eating flies!

[+1,014] She’ll laugh of course, her media play worked!

[+907] A dog couple, disgusting

[+896] I feel like Angel Wang has fallen in love with someone she shouldn’t have. Don’t hate me just because you don’t like what I say

[+653] Angel is so pretty, the prettiest lady in China

[+637] The more I see her, the less I like. That expression is so shameless and she has such a thick face

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