Selena Li shows off her legs when performing at the TVB Anniversary Awards

QQ: Multiple flowers vie for the spotlight at the TVB awards, she plays the piano like this!


The TVB Anniversary Awards were broadcast on Nov. 19, with two hundred some celebrities and eight hosts attending the grand event.
– The celebrities were divided into eight teams to show off their skills, and Selena Li in particular stunned the audience with her sexy playing of the piano


Cnetz react below:

[+15,916] Why place your legs on the piano when you’re playing the piano? That really doesn’t look good

[+14,548] It’s sexy if you speak of it kind, but inappropriate if put bluntly

[+6,792] Ai, how far has TVB fallen, particularly this lady, I can only describe it as unfit for the eyes

[+5,405] …why don’t you use your breasts to play then..

[+4,891] This somehow has a cheap feeling to it, why would one place their feet on the piano, gross!

[+3,747] The old TVB awards were celebrities of the highest caliber. Now that can only exist in our memories

[+3,504] What a random, messy affair. It looks like a bunch of call girls lining up to be called upon

[+2,934] TVB has become history. There are no good dramas or actors/actresses now, these are random figures in the backdrop

[+973] Why has TVB fallen to these depths?

[+664] It’s lacking the flavor of old and doesn’t look good anymore. The TVB of now always has Moses Chan and Nancy Wu as the male and female lead

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