Vanness Wu flexes his muscles in preparation for new album

Yahoo News: Vanness Wu works out for his new album, he’s called “chicken breast” due to his diet


Vanness Wu is preparing to release a new album after a three year wait and is eating only “chicken breast, egg white, and boiled vegetables” during this period.
– His staff have grown used to calling him “chicken breast”

Vanness plans to release his new album on Dec. 2, his first single from the album “Boogie” was created by Vanness and producer tye.
– The song is a nod to his favorite music style, motown
– The MV for the song spans dance moves from street style breakdancing to a collaboration with known dance group Vibrvncy, and also borrows elements from “Back to the Future”, taking Vanness to an alternate time period with a time machine car

Vanness mentioned that the spirit of “Boogie” is to express that one should remain energetic and happy at all times.
– The little angel within the MV bring happiness to everyone, so that listeners feel like dancing whenever they hear the song and watch the MV

In order to maintain peak physical condition, Vanness still works out for at least one hour a day even after recording, dancing, and filming the MV.
– He’s sticking to a light diet during the promotion period and his staff have grown accustomed to not ordering anything for him during this period, as he only eats “chicken breast, egg white, and boiled vegetables”


MV for Vanness’ new single “Boogie”.


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