Netizens continue to react to Korean Artist Ban

PTT: Korea ban upgraded! Anything related to South Korea is barred from broadcast

Taiwanese netizens weigh in below:

“Tzuyu’s apology was wasted.”

“Will Korean artists yell ‘we are all Chinese’ next?”

“I wonder how many Taiwanese people would know about Tzuyu if she hadn’t apologized?”

“What a pitiful country, restricting their own human rights to punish another country, and there are those who applaud and say well done.”

“They just copy everything anyways.”

“Aren’t those works that have both Chinese and Korean funding going to cry themselves to death? Won’t the Chinese investors protest?”

“They actually want to make use of THAAD to restrict the Hallyu wave and promote their homegrown entertainment to replace it.”

“The Hallyu wave actually isn’t mainstream in China. A ban only affects very few people.”

“The same thing happened when Japanese dramas were popular. The government used the anti-Japan sentiments from the people to ban Japanese culture.”

“The most pitiful about this is that China is doing all this under the table! If they really wanted to raise their homegrown entertainment industry, then make it a publicly known regulation!”

“No wonder T-ara’s gone back to Korea lately.”

“The isolationist policies are going into effect. In the future, they’ll only be able to watch made up history dramas about the Communist Party fighting against the Japanese.”



PTT: The Korea ban is revealed! All content to be banned started 11/19

“!!! Blurring out faces is too much…”

“I’m curious if they’ll be banning Korean celebrities with Chinese nationalities as well?”

“Does this mean they won’t even bother with buying authorizations and will just pirate directly?”

“So they’ve finished copying Korean shows and can ban the country now~”

“When they run out of material, they’ll come back to learn again XD”

“It seems like the THAAD incident first pissed off China, but since they’ve learned enough things anyways, this is a perfect opportunity to sweep Korea out the door.”

“I’m rather curious if MAMA will still go on as usual?”

“Banning Japan seemed to have more to do with general population sentiment, but banning Korea seems more to be a government policy.”

“Will the Hallyu wave have new places to go to after being banned in China and Japan?”

“Aren’t things rather awkward for T-ara now? They’ve finally made a name for themselves in China. What will they do now? Will they be able to continue performing?”

“No wonder a lot of Korean stars have come to Taiwan lately. It’s not all for the bubble tea and xiaolongbao!”

“This is ironic! JYP was so gungho about the Chinese market before. How long has it been then? I wonder if their recent shows in China will be broadcasted!”


QQ: What does taking immediate effect mean? Possibly no more Korean oppa!

Chinese netizens below:

[+4,624] There is no individual in front of the country

[+4,000] I support this. Why should we like others if they don’t like us

[+2,255] I think this is rather good. Koreans filled the screen a while ago and they all came to China to take money! Continue the ban!

[+1,174] I really don’t understand the point of a Korea ban… this is a normal venue of inspiration for the entertainment industry. If you feel that Korean entertainment has blocked the development of Chinese entertainment, then why not raise our own level instead of blocking others?

[+1,045] Vivo is done for. They spent so much money to hire an ambassador and now they can’t broadcast their CFs

[+969] This has caused all the girls to have a warped sense of beauty. Look at all the boys becoming sissies now

[+128] I’m baffled. What’s the point of doing this? So our own works aren’t up to par, we’re not allowed to watch other works as well? Alright, ban things then. I’ll go watch American dramas then. Ban that if you’re able too! Why don’t we only watch our own propaganda like Northern Korea? How about we stop wasting money and go read books then


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  • Nel

    What a fucking mess, honestly. Hopefully it’ll end soon. But hilarious that this is also something to blame on Park Geun Hye supporting THAAD

    • Ump

      I don’t think the word SOON is enough……maybe after few years, everybody know that the CCP watch everything.
      And I agree…..I don’t understand why Park Geun Hye supported the THAAD thing. SKorea want to re-unite North and South one day.
      The THAAD will only make things worse.

  • L.A_21

    What about the Chinese Nationality idols who are in a Korean idol group? Are they ban too or what?

    • Ump

      The 3 chinese member of WJSN went in china to participate in a chinese show. They only ban korean stars.

      • L.A_21

        Ah ok. So they only ban idols with Korean Nationality.