Taiwanese band Champion stuns with sudden disbandment after 18 years

ET Today: Champion announces hiatus, “We want to face ourselves honestly”, fans sob


Taiwanese band Champion debuted in 1998 and has undergone many membership changes before its current iteration of leader Sea Dog, main vocalist Cow, and drummer Monkey.
– They host a “Champion Night” every January 1st, but suddenly announced on Nov. 21 that the upcoming “Champion Night” will be their last performance

The band had been about to move forward into its 19th year when they suddenly said that they would be on hiatus.
– The reason was that everyone had their own life plans and so it was time for the band to come to an end

They said on their Facebook that “a hiatus isn’t an end, but it allows us to face ourselves honestly. Champion used to use an arrogant tone to speak to the world before, but now we will no longer.”
– Champion Night has been held for 13 years and has long been beloved from fans, but now it will be no longer

Their manager said that, “Everyone actually has their own plans. Sea Dog would like to focus on his family in the future, and Cow would like to release some other music styles. I’m sure he’s the most nostalgic out of the because he was one of the founding members. But since the three members have reached an accord, then let’s let Champion rest for a bit.”

The band had just held a concert last month, and guest performers at the concert expressed their surprise at the sudden decision.


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