William Chan rumored to be in a relationship with Dili Reba

QQ: Dili Reba attends William Chan’s concert and is speculated to be in a relationship with him, both deny


William Chan held a concert on Nov. 19 in Nanjing, with some netizens posting pictures suspected to be of Dili Reba in the audience stand.
– It’s said that William Chan’s assistant led Dili Reba in, and that the two of them are in a relationship
– However, this was immediately denied and said that they were friends

The two of them met whilst filming “Swords of Legends” and continued working together afterwards.
– The two of them worked together for a Bazaar photoshoot in 2015

To their fans, they’ve been long since a couple, and there seemed to be signs that they were showing off their love on Weibo.
– Netizens pointed to William Chan’s Sept. 4 post that was captioned, “I heard that someone’s thinking of me.”
– Fans responded, “Dili Reba is thinking of you.”

Dili Reba posted a picture of herself holding a pink heart balloon on Nov. 8, captioned, “Heh heh.”
– Fans responded, “Why do I feel like love is in the air?”
– Others asked, “Is that from William Chan?”


Cnetz react below:

[+3,208] I used to think that William Chan was a dependable guy, but I stopped becoming his fan ever since he used Ah Sa to get famous, and listening to his comments about Zhao Liying!

[+2,340] Whenever I see him, I remember that he used Ah Sa to move up, and then dumped her when he got famous

[+1,949] I don’t like him because he uses women to move up in life and then breaks up with them. It’s just my opinion, I’m waiting for the haters

[+1,340] I like them both. I will support both of them if they’re together

[+1,264] Dili Reba is very pretty

[+456] Ah, William Chan is super good looking but I feel like he’s a player. Even though I want him to have a girlfriend, Dili Reba is so pretty and has a good personality, I’m really scared that he’ll play her if they’re together…

[+309] Game over for Zhao Liying 😔

[+170] Most of us in China got to know William Chan thanks to “Swords of Legends”. Ah Sa was famous only in Hong Kong! This woman also concealed her previous marriage, and they broke up peacefully! Why don’t any of you haters talk about his other ex girlfriends?

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  • Qiyue

    ugh, these comments though, leave him alone 🙁
    and they do look good together, although I ship him more with Liying XD but it’s his life so he can date who he wants. If they are cool, if not, also cool. Love him no matter what <3