Wowkie Zhang scares Luhan when trying to kiss him

QQ: Wowkie Zhang approaches to kiss Luhan, Luhan is so scared that he shrinks into himself


Wowkie Zhang held a concert lately and good friend Luhan made a guest appearance.
– Fans beneath the stage clamored for the two of them to kiss, yet Luhan kept backing up whenever Wowkie Zhang approached

Netizens laughed that Luhan had a truly disdainful expression, “the two of them will never be a couple” and that “Luhan was so scared that his triple chin appeared”.


Cnetz react below:

[+655] Luhan looks rather like a good guy and his image is positive, but why are his fans lauding him up to the heavens? Ai… I’ve never followed a star and I listen to whoever sings well, watch whoever acts well. After all, they are they and I am me! I really don’t understand the preferences of young people these days… Although I am only 30 years old, I feel like we’re centuries apart!

[+631] It’s obvious that Luhan has never gotten plastic surgery. Look at his chin, it’s apparent from a glance whether or not it’s fake

[+622] I only like two stars! One of them is Li Yuchun, she’s female but seems like a man. The other is Luhan, a guy but he looks like a girl! I’m so confused by both of them!

[+435] Haha, just how disdainful is our Luhan? His face is distorted from hiding Wowkie, so cute! Luhan and Wowkie need to always be this good!

[+186] He’s proven that his chin is his, it’s like a spring, hahahaha

[+126] Sister Luhan is so cute, raise your hands if you want the two of them to be together!

[+54] I dislike randomly dyed hair, it looks so vulgar

[+41] These two people are quite something. One of them is exquisite and girly, but a true man at heart. One of them looks like a huge player and goes laughing through life, but is a fragile princess in heart. Both of them have unexpected depths to them, and their chemistry together is quite nice. I watched the video of last night’s concert, their live was wonderful. Their two songs together brimmed with energy!

[+25] I’m not his fan, but I really like his clothes this time. They look good but don’t detract from the star of the show. He’s a very hard working young man but suffers all these random attacks just because of a prettier face

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  • Qiyue

    lol @ Luhan’s face XD

  • L.A_21

    Derp Luhan. XD