Stefanie Sun to perform at the Golden Horse Awards in November

Yahoo News: Partnering with a children’s choir for performance, Stefanie Sun has performed at all the “Golden” awards ceremony


Taiwan’s 53rd Golden Horse Awards (for film) will be held and broadcast on Nov. 26 in Taipei.
– Stefanie Sun will be performing “Our World”, and the theme of her performance will center around the “inner heart of a child”
– She will be performing with the Taipei Children’s Philharmonic Chorus and an orchestra as well
– This will mark the last out of Taiwan’s “Golden” trio of awards that Stefanie has performed at

Stefanie remarked that the judges’ desire to focus the theme on children also echoes the theme of her EP “Rainbow Bot”, released on Aug. 18.
– It’s been two years since she last released an album, and has recently released the animation MV for “Rainbow Bot”
– She anticipates releasing a full album sometime next year
– Her husband and son have not accompanied her on her trip to Taiwan this year, and she laughed that “I was afraid I’d be distracted!”

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