Zhao Yaqi apologies for her role in the Lin Dan scandal

QQ: Zhao Yaoqi apologies, accepts criticism humbly. Says she has no economic ties with Lin Dan


Zhao Yaqi held a press conference in the afternoon on Nov. 22 to apologize for her actions, and denied that she was the person behind the photos.
– “I sincerely apologize to those whom I have hurt, the public, and my family. I cannot forgive myself.”
– The press conference lasted eight minutes, ending when she left in tears after being asked how she knew Lin Dan

She explained her willingness to face the media as “I didn’t think my hasty actions would harm others. The past couple of days have been the hardest time of my life and I’ve almost broken down completely out of the fear and guilt in my heart. I chose to hide from the matter at first, and I apologize to everyone.”

Media previous analyzed that it seemed like media play was occurring in the Lin Dan matter, and that Zhao Yaqi’s team could be behind it.
– She denied it and says that she only has one manager and no team
– “The negative fall out from this matter has been enormous to myself and those by my side. I would not pay such a price just to become famous.”

She also clarified that the Weibo account claiming to be from her team was false, and that she was very angry to see it.
– “It was just adding fuel to the flames.”
– Since the scandal broke, many netizens also suspected that the luxury items and flashy cars Zhao Yaqi drives were bought from Lin Dan.
– She strongly denied that, “I have no economic ties with Lin Dan.”
– She did admit to going to watch Lin Dan’s game


Cnetz react below:

[+6,998] The couple themselves are no longer responding to this, and this woman keeps playing it up. A dancing clown!

[+4,056] At least you expressed yourself and your attitude. This is much more real

[+4,051] It’s too obvious that you want to become famous. If you choose to be quiet at this time, the matter will pas just like that. But it’s a pity, I think you’re just crushing your own self respect and don’t even count as a mistress

[+3,028] Shameless, mistress!

[+2,649] Still media playing. Do you have any sense of shame? You’re a professional mistress, it’s not the first time you’ve wrecked someone’s family and you like to say how innocent and pure you are. Are you a three year old child? Did you not know he was married when you moved in on him? You reserved the room, throwing yourself into his arms and now say you’re the victim. Who do you think you’re playing with your apology?

[+2,433] You don’t need to apologize, what business is it of ours?

[+1,791] No one would ever admit it’s media play, what celebrity ever does? You don’t apologize in the beginning and when it starts dying down, you pop out again to apologize. What’s the point of that? Do you take us all for fools?

[+1,200] Disgusting, there’s no limit to your media play! Are you worried that you’re not famous enough and call for a press conference so people will remember you? B*tch, will you reveal the entire process after a while as well?

[+980] No one cursed at her the past couple of days and so she became worried that she was losing popularity, so she jumped out again to media play

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  • L.A_21

    I don’t know her but girl you shouldn’t have involve yourself in a married man in the first place. It doesn’t matter if he hit on you first but if you know that he’s already married, you should have run away from him and never accept his feelings.