Ju Jingyi is a beauty once in 4,000 years, Taiwan has a once in 1,000 years beauty?

QQ: Is Taiwan’s once in a 1,000 year beauty on the same level as Ju Jingyi?


A beauty once in “X” number of years is a title being awarded often in recent years.
– Ju Jingyi from SNH48 is the most popular example of this title as she’s often referred to as a beauty encountered once in 4,000 years

A Taiwanese college student called Luo Qing has recently risen to popularity, and is being hailed a beauty encountered once in 1,000 years.
– Netizens gave her this title, and she was known as the prettiest girl in her school
– It’s said that her legs are 1.2 meters long

However, other netizens have also said that, “I see 7, 8 girls like her everyday in my cafeteria.”
– Others concurred and said that Ju Jingyi clearly wins over this girl, and that her title of a beauty once in 1,000 years is too much of an exaggeration



Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+1,168] It’s too obvious that her nose is fake. It’s common for breathing problems to develop after the nostril shrinking surgery. This child has made hers noticeably too small

[+724] I feel that my best friend is the rare beauty hard to meet in any lifetime

[+566] Too ugly, her nose looks like it’s been super glued

[+411] There’s tons of girls like her in China

[+277] She’s a once in a thousand year beauty in Taiwan, but you only need to spend 200 RMB to find a girl like that in Dongyuan

[+200] Someone hurry and take me to a hospital, I’m having trouble breathing

[+196] These thousand year beauties are popping up everywhere. Aren’t you afraid of falling down from a large height when your bare face is posted one day? You’re not a thousand year beauty, but a thousand year monster!

[+86] I’m not a beauty, but this girl is too fake, especially her nose. Can she still breath?

[+57] Natural is best

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  • L.A_21

    Why are they randomly calling them 1,000 or 4,000 or whatever thousand years beauty etc.? There are billions of people in the world, let 1 billion in China alone so a there’s a diversity in facial structure so calling these girls ‘beauty that can only be seen in thousand years’ seems an exaggeration to me.

    And there are a lot of Chinese girls that I have seen that looks like them or has similarities to their looks so their looks is not that rare imo esp. if the two of them look just exactly how Koo Hye Sun looks like.

    • The second girl reminded me of Goo Hye Sun too! And the first girl reminds me of a Kpop idol but I’m not sure which one because her features are a mix of so many.

      • L.A_21

        Ju Jingyi kinda looks like one of the members of DIA but I don’t know her name yet.