Ko Chentung reaches out to audiences and wants a second chance

QQ: Ko Chentung: those who have been exiled still wish from hugs from the audience


Taiwanese actor Ko Chentung was arrested in August, 2014 for using marijuana, along with Jaycee Chan.
– He was the hottest young fresh meat at that time and his career immediately plummeted
– Jaycee Chan has completely turned to behind the scenes work and hasn’t appeared in a public gathering since
– Ko Chentung started appearing in charity and commercial events four months later, and spent another year filming “The Road to Mandalay”, securing a nomination for “Best Actor” in this year’s Golden Horse Awards

His latest movie “Operation Mekong” just aired, and its release was greeted waves of hate on Weibo.
– No matter what he wrote or posted, the comments he received were all the same, “People like you can make you a comeback, but the police who died for drug busts can never come back.”

When filming “Road to Mandalay”, he spent a year’s time to really understand his character.
– His character was an illegal immigrant from Myanmar to Thailand, but he didn’t make the story too painful or dark
– He admitted that towards the end of filming, he felt extremely irritated with the entire film
– “Whether it was arrogance or ambition, I was at the end of the tether and just really wanted things to be over. Please, I just wanted to leave the set.”
– He immediately got back into the groove of things back in the city and would still like to act in commercial films if given the chance to

“I’d still like to meet the audience even now. To be honest, as an actor, apart from acting well, I still really hope to be warmly received by the audience.”
– He’s 25 this year


Cnetz read below:

[+4,641] I’ve already reported this! Celebrities that do drugs should be forever exiled! Otherwise this is an affront to drug busting police and a disgrace for families that have been broken due to drugs!

[+3,404] I’ve read the comments and see that most of them support a ban. I also support a ban, this is a bad example for children! Even with two people helping wash his image, it’s not something that will be done with one or two moves

[+1,992] Someone who was exiled? Heh heh! This is the beginnings of washing his image! But is it right to release a celebrity with such a tarnished image like this? What kind of positive energy can a non positive person bring to everyone? Only our country will pamper such celebrities like these

[+1,887] Is the journalist Ko Chentung’s relative? He’s trying so hard to wash his image

[+1,221] What benefits did the journalist get, and to give him the headline as well?

[+1,085] Heh, it’s a matter of principle, and you’re posting this kind of report to try to wash your image. You’re going crazy trying to be popular. How can you face the drug busting squads?

[+963] How do I report this article?

[+666] Do whatever you want as long as you don’t come back to China to earn money


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