Angelababy’s pregnancy in its fifth month and replaces Jun Jihyun’s CF

ET Today: Angelababy protects her pregnancy with one hand, holds onto Huang Xiaoming with a sweet smile


In her fifth month of pregnancy, Huang Xiaoming has specifically decreased his work to spend more time with Angelababy.
– The couple was recently captured at a gathering with friends. Angelababy was supporting her stomach with one hand and sweetly holding Huang Xiaoming’s hand with the other

She was wearing a thick coat and flats to keep warm due to the cold weather, and had a bare face free of makeup.
– Angelababy also posted on Weibo to thank fans, “Thank you for sticking by me when I’ve gotten so fat that I have no friends.”


ET Today: Jun Jihyun replaced by Angelababy! Chinese brand switches out ambassadors one month after signing contract


Chinese cell phone brand OPPO had just signed a contract with Jun Jihyun in October, but has recently replaced their ambassador with Angelababy due to the Korean artist ban.
– Talks are currently underway with her manager to completely replace all activities with Angelababy
– Speculation is very high that this was solely due to the 4 month old Korean artist ban


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  • L.A_21

    That Korean artist ban really affects Korean celebrities a lot. Sucks for them to lose deals in China but the Chinese nationality idols & celebrities can both work in Korea & China whenever they want to.

  • L.A_21

    So Angelababy is currently 5 month pregnant? Her tummy looks small compared to my Sister who is currently 4 months pregnant. XD

    Thanks admin for writing up my request. (^_^)