Fan Bingbing sweetly celebrates Li Chen’s birthday, posting pictures late at night

QQ: Fan Bingbing celebrates Li Chen’s birthday, sharing sweetness late at night, netizens urge them to get married


Fan Bingbing posted a picture of her celebrating Li Chen’s birthday late at night on Nov. 24, showing off the two of them holding flowers and a cake with cartoon figures of the two on the table.
– She wrote, “Happy Birthday! Be happy!”


Cnetz weigh in below; 

[+2,444] Master Fan’s face is filled with such happiness, there’s none of her majestic awe as Master Fan from before. I hope they’re both happy

[+1,763] Full of love, it’s time to get married, you’ll be very happy together

[+1,540] I believe they’re true love because that kind of look can’t be faked. Best wishes for them

[+591] Big black cow and Bingbing~~ are really well matched. Hurry and make a small black cow 🐮😊

[+275] Many people listen to rumors and then pass them on, making it like they’ve personally experienced things. I at least think they’re a good match and have a lot of love. Why can’t people give them good wishes?

[+134] I drink to you!

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  • L.A_21

    Are they planning to get married already?

  • thisco

    Fbb looks really pretty in that picture. None of that cakey makeup look.