Joe Chen’s feet steal the show in Weibo post

QQ: Joe Chen hides her face and acts cute, but her feet steal the show


Joe Chen recently posted a Weibo post showing off her new boots and put on a cute pose, but netizen attention was swiftly captured by the size of her feet.


Cnetz comment below:

[+847] I always ask first if a shoe store has any big sizes. I only shop if they do, and leave if they don’t!

[+535] I hate it when the salespeople have an open mouth like their eyes are about to fall out. “What? Your feet are so big!” So what! My legs start from my neck and they’re super long! C’mon, let’s have at it then!

[+486] My feet are like that too… there’s nothing to be proud of. Her feet are pretty, but there’s no use if her feet are pretty. It’s best if one has a pretty face as well!

[+244] I have bigger feet than all of you and aren’t saying anything. What are you guys complaining about…

[+192] Are you the new member of Running Man?

[+161] Do small feet mean beauty? Whether or not feet look pretty depend on the shape of the shoes and color of the skin

[+76] Big feet are totally fine, I also think it’s better if one has a pretty face. What’s the point in small feet?

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  • thisco

    Ngl on the thumbnail, I thought the right picture was someone’s butt and when I read the title, I was like “sure, feet….”

  • L.A_21

    If Korean are obsess in with head size, face shape, ankle, etc. Chinese are obsess with feet size instead. I wonder why if it’s still because of that ‘lotus feet’ effect of beauty and social class.