SWIN sheds their idol image in reality show

ChinaByte: SWIN’s reality show starts broadcast to great popularity online, sheds their idol image


SWIN started broadcasting their own reality show in recent days which has been warmly received by netizens and fans.
– Many of the members shed their idol image and started revealing big gossip about other members, showing off their personal effects, and demonstrating how to cook noodles with a hot water heater
– Many fans were surprised, “So this is what idols do in their bedroom!”

In the show, the members’ goofiness is a huge source of entertainment and one of the main draws.
– Leader Yu Gengyin kept imitating scenes of recent popular period dramas, whereas Cai Xukun warbled a song at the top of his lungs in the bathroom
– Tian Shuchen’s dog made an appearance and he showed off a mysterious “dog popping” dance

Nov. 18 was SWIN’s one month debut anniversary, and the members reunited through the air.
– They used online broadcast to invite fans to an ultra sweet “Anniversary Party”
– SWIN called out to fans within the show and even sang to them through the phone

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