Wallace Huo is incredibly dashing filming in Italy

QQ: Handsome! Wallace Huo films in Italy and looks great in a wig


Netizens recently revealed pictures of Wallace Huo filming on the streets of Florence, Italy and expressed their admiration at how handsome he looked.


Cnetz react below:

[+2,036] I actually don’t think he’s that good looking. What a pity for Ruby Lin

[+1,902] I rather like Wallace Huo but don’t think he’s that good looking! I think he looks much more of a man

[+1,425] This wig is really super realistic

[+226] I’ve never watched one of his productions

[+177] He looks best with no hair and not smiling

[+87] There’s a foreigner with a really disdainful expression in the first photo. It’s like he’s saying, “What is a yellow skinned person acting tall and mighty in front of a white man for… 😝😝”

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