Wang Leehom transforms into an archeologist for “Bridge of Fate” MV

Yahoo News: Wang Leehom travels to the “Great Wall” to film MV, receives honorary Ph.D. from Berklee, Ang Lee says he’s “amazing”


Wang Leehom sang the ending song “Bridge of Fate” for American-Chinese epic historical fiction action-adventure monster film “The Great Wall”.
– Not only did they film the MV in the USA, but also brought over movie props from Beijing as well
– Wang Leehom emphasized, “All of the props used in the MV were also used in the movie, specially shipped to the USA from Beijing and is a fantastic combination of art. I can feel the great efforts and detail that the movie and MV team went to.”
– He was also quite excited that “to make music for a movie is a wonderful thing of great honor, I hope to cooperate more with them in the future.”

In order to present a perfect work, Wang Leehom discussed with the movie company beforehand and even held a test screening to facilitate the MV team to gain a better understanding of the movie.
– In the final product, Wang Leehom is transformed into an archeologist and is inspecting an ancient scroll when the words to an ancient poem float up
– He starts singing with the poem and Tang Weiwei’s image appears in the mirror, helping the two meet in an alternate timeline


Wang Leehom also received an honorary Ph.D. from Berklee College, with director Ang Lee giving him high praise.
– “Wang Leehom is an odd combination. He’s as traditional as someone from my parents’ generation, but also very modern at the same time. It’s a strange combination as he works incredibly hard and is a hard working geniuses. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”
– Wang Leehom also expressed that “working with Director Ang Lee is something I will never forgot for the rest of my life, and one of the reasons why I’ve maintained such a high degree of passion of movies all this time.”


MV for “Bridge of Fate”.

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